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Water Just Runs Off and So Easy to Clean.

Perth - Does the water just run off your glass and is it super easy to clean.  If not you need the amazing new technology of nano coating.

You can enhance the durability and effectiveness of all glass including shower screens, pool fencing, balustrades, splashbacks, boating surfaces, architectural and frameless panes with appropriate glass protection using nano protection.

Over time, deposits such as lime can build up on shower screens and glass corrosion will result in permanent damage to the molecular structure of the screen. Glass corrosion may look like dirt but once it forms it cannot be removed, no matter how much the surface is cleaned. We can polish the scratches and corrosion out of your glass but you can avoid it altogether with our super effective nano-coating process.

Nano coating has come a long way in a short space of time and can give you years of troublefree easy to clean, streak-free glass.  Nano coating also works well on stainless steel surfaces so that it looks clean and shiny with very little work.

If you are a boat owner, we can definitely help you out.  The corrosive nature of sea water on glass windows and windscreens over time is a real problem.  Not only will nano technology protect your asset but make your boating much easier as the salt water will roll off the screen as you plough through the waves.

Whether you want your shower screen treated or your pool fence or your whole house or retail glass, Perth Glass Polish have worked with nano coating on a variety of projects.

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