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Roller waves or roller marks come from the process of creating toughened glass which involves heating the glass in excess of 600°C and quickly cooling it. This process induces significant compressive and tensile stresses in the glass which while producing increased strength over the usual glass and a much safer breakage process than ordinary glass has some imperfections. The tortuous manufacturing process used to make toughened glass causes the glass to suffer some physical distortions.

These distortions are evident as visual effects which are present in all toughened glass but are not present in non-heat treated glass. In a measured numerical sense the distortions are very small, but because glass has a smooth shiny surface it is easy to detect these distortions in the reflected image from the glass. It is also possible to see some distortion of the transmitted image when looking through the glass. The more oblique the angle of view the more noticeable the distortions become.

Within the same batch of glass installed, some can be fine with a minimal visual impact of roller waves while a few panels can have more serious defects which disrupt the natural beauty of the glass.

At Perth Glass Polish we run through a process which reduces the impact of obvious glass wave distortions which is especially important if you have this type of glass in your retail premises which nearly all business should have.  Our process will remove or significantly reduce roller waves or roller marks so that you can no longer notice them as you did before.

The process we run through is rigorous, we use abrasive technologies to cut back beyond the roller marks and then we re-polish the glass back to factory standards.  It is a moderately time-consuming process taking around 3 hours per square metre but the results are impressive.

If you have roller waves, roller marks on your toughened glass windows please give me a call for a no-obligation free quote.



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