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What we stand for and who we are



Quality & Timely service delivery

We are committed to delivering our services in a timely and efficient manner using the standard of care and foresight expected of an experienced provider. We act in accordance with the highest applicable professional ethics, principles and standards demonstrating a commitment to ethical practices and behaviours, and implementing these practices through appropriate training and monitoring.




We are honest to our words and true to our work. We work with the strong moral principles




As professional, we are always accountable to our clients for the work that we do. We take the responsibility of our work and complete it according to the client's requirements keeping him/her updated at every stage of delivery.



Giving Back

Sharing resources Changing lives –little for great

There is nothing one can ever term as enough but sharing the little resources can greatly change lives positively. Perth Glass Polish as a company believes that it is our duty to give back to the community, especially the most less privileged. Through partnership with the local churches, we are committed each year to donating a portion of our total revenue to the less privileged children in Uganda, East Africa. As we grow in service, we are also growing in empowering the less privileged children by making a contribution to their school requirements and fees in order for them to acquire formal education and in the end, they will become champions of change in their communities.

What you need to note, therefore, is the fact that whenever you contract us to provide you with a service, you have indirectly contributed to the solace of the less privileged children as 4.6% of what you pay us for the service we provide to you goes to the less privileged children’s account. Sharing little resources, Greatly changing lives –little for great