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Perth Glass Polish

We are the Glass scratch removal & Glass polish specialists in Perth who can remove all the scratches on your glass panel; helping you to save a great percentage of your total replacement cost and also have your project completed in time. We exist to repair glass damages including; all scratches, corrosion & soap scum, hard/salty water stains, graffiti, angle/weld spatter, roller marks & surface imperfections and have your glass restored to its original beauty. Why replace when we are just a phone call away?

Our team of glass technicians will always be able to advise you of the risks of breakage, distortion, glass strength and the cost-effectiveness before even recommending polishing.



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Thanks for an excellent job. From now on we will use Glass Polish more often for repairs

Dale Carter


Thank you for your professional and prompt results. I am really happy with the results!

James Nicholls


I was really impressed with the boat nano coating, thank you for all your hard work.

Carl Kempin


Thank you for doing an excellent job on removing all of the graffiti from our window it looks just like new.